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Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List


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Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List – KBC Jio Lottery 2022 – KBC Head Office Number

Name of the most Prosperous Jio lottery winner 2022, as per the KBC Jio 2022 survey, Mr. Rahul Kumar, took home the jackpot amount of 25 lacs Indian rupees. Also, KBC Winner 2022 name is Mr. Lakhwinder Kumar Verma, Ms. Jiya Bhatiya, Ms. Saloni Gupta, Mr. Jagdeep Sharma, and Mr. Shri Ram Biny. To check your name on the KBC Jio Lottery Winner List, Please call the KBC Jio Head Office Contact number 0019188444477.

KBC Lottery Winner 2022 Some fraudsters may contact you via their KBC WhatsApp number. They’ll be happy to inform you that your name will be listed on KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022, KBC Lottery Winner. Today, KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Jio Lottery is connected to all sim cards, and your mobile phone number will be listed within Jio Lucky Draw 2022.

Jio Lottery Winner 2022 Do you want to participate in Jio Lucky Draw 2022? Then, join us today and get KBC Lottery Winner and Win KBC Lottery. Dear Jio customers, now you can win Jio 25 Lakh lottery 2022 online. If you would like to participate in KBC lucky draw, there is no registration required.

Dear Lovers of KBC KBC 2022, If you have questions about KBC Lottery or want to get Your Registered Lottery Number, Please Call Us on KBC WhatsApp Head Office Number Mumbai 0019188444477.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List Today

If you want to know more, we can be reached. Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding this KBC list. You can call the KBC Contact number at +19188444477.

NoWinner NameLottery AmountKBC Lottery NumberMobile Number
1Mr. Raghu Verma25,00,0008991985******633
2Mr. Roshan Brahmani25,00,00089915687******015
3Mr. Aryan Santosh Raj25,00,00089910852******215
4Mr. Jayraj Shivganj25,00,00098810668******020
5Mr. Padmalav Reddy25,00,0002244787******745
6Ms. Babita Mishra25,00,0000150935******202
7Ms. Farzana Yousaf25,00,0001122986******459
8Ms. Jhanve Kapoor25,00,00098812857******087

If you want to evolve KBC Lottery Winner and wondering for KBC Lottery Number, please get in touch with Us On KBC Head Office Number Mumbai: 0019188444477

Jio lottery winner 2022

Beware! THIS Jio Lottery 2022 Fake Promising Message on WhatsApp

  • You, dear customer, may gather any information regarding your SIM card.
  • Don’t divulge information to anyone else about your winnings because of security reasons. You need to contact us only for more details about the lottery cash.
  • Dear customer, the company will not assist you with the award if you make publicity regarding your prize. If you talk to the publicize your reward, anyone could purchase a second sim or harm your family or you.
  • Our job is to inform you that it is your responsibility to take action.
  • We believe that you take our warning seriously and follow through with everything you do in the world.
  • We wish you the best of luck and all your family.
  • Enjoy yourself and fulfill your desires.

KBC Jio Lottery Number Check Online 2022

How can you protect yourself against Jio KBC Lottery Winner Fake WhatsApp Calls?

A fraudster may contact you via your WhatsApp number and tell you the good news that your name appears as an Idea Lottery Winner Vodafone Lottery Winner, etc. They may also request you put funds in their accounts to pay any tax or charge to their client’s bank accounts. It is essential to inform you that you need to act immediately and contact the KBC KBC WhatsApp number if you get this kind of call. It is.

KBC Head Office Number Mumbai: 0019188444477

Jio lottery winner

Jio Lottery 2022 Fake Calls on Your Mobile

There are a few Pakistani numbers, such as (0092, +923 ), and several online numbers, such as +121. They are committing fraud using the above numbers under KBC Lucky Draw 2022. Suppose someone calls you and asks you to pay funds for tax/charges or something similar. You don’t need any money to pay until you confirm the KBC number, the Head Office’s WhatsApp number.

Dear clients of JIO, It is crucial to inform you that many customers are receiving fake phone calls these times. A few scammers are trying to trick individuals into making cash and increasing their wealth. Also, it is possible to say that the Jio lottery scam is returning. You can easily identify scammers since they ask you to transfer money into your account.

KBC Jio Lottery Numbers List
Serial #Jio Lottery NumberValue of Lottery Number
189912500000 INR
2899152500000 INR
301502500000 INR
411222500000 INR
5988102500000 INR
Official KBC Jio Lottery Numbers

Jio Lottery Number Check Online 2022

KBC Lottery winner They may send you an email or a text alert to prove the legitimacy of their KBC officials. We advise you to guard yourself against all kinds of scams. That’s why we created an information center for the Jio lottery here. Using our website, you can now look up your winnings from the 2022 Jio lottery online. You can also look up your name on our Official Jio Lottery Winners List 2022.

If you haven’t registered with KBC Lottery 2022, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and receive the authentic KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List. Do you have a Jio Lottery Number? No! Don’t Worry; call at KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Right Away!

What can you do to avoid a KBC lottery 2022 scam?

  • Do not answer the Pakistani number (00923, +923 ), which calls you to discuss the KBC lottery.
  • Please don’t place any KBC lottery deposit until you confirm the reason for your deposit with us.
  • Therefore, do not talk with anyone if you’re a WhatsApp KBC lottery winner. They could clone your Sim card and then claim the winnings.
  • Always contact our KBC lottery helplines.
  • Be sure to follow all our KBC lottery rules to enjoy one of the most significant rewards in the game. Participate today!. For more information on KBC lottery 2022 results, call us at 0019188444477.

How can you Win the Jio KBC Lottery in 2022?

There isn’t a foolproof method to win the KBC lottery, as there is always a bit of chance in the combination. But, there’s plenty that you could do to improve your probability of winning. The first step is to obtain a Jio sim card and a lottery number following this. After that, you have to utilize the SIM card frequently to recharge. Participating in this KBC Jio lottery is similar to your routine.

It’s that simple. Also, if you’re a Jio lottery winner, you’d have to be discreet about the joyous occasion. Someone could want to participate in a WhatsApp lottery scam, and it’s best to guard yourself.

For more information about the KBC lottery winner 2022 25 lakh list, KBC WhatsApp Jio Lucky Draw 2022 Winners List, please contact KBC head office number 0019188444477. You can also contact us for the latest KBC lottery winner 2022 list. All the WhatsApp international lucky draw winners can also contact us to get the lottery amount online in their account thanks.

KBC Lottery Head Office Contact Numbers List

submit your complaints regarding the KBC lottery, KBC registration, or get a fake WhatsApp lottery call. Feel free and call in head office numbers.

  • KBC Head Office Number +19188444477
  • KBC Head Office Number Mumbai +19188444476
  • KBC Head Office Number Delhi +19188444475
  • KBC Helpline Number +19188444473
  • WhatsApp KBC Number +19188444477
KBC Jio lottery Winner 2022

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List

We have updated the KBC Jio lottery winner 2022 list Regularly. For more information about the Jio lottery winner list, please call KBC’s head office in Mumbai at 0019188444477.

  1. Mr. Jagdeep Shekar Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 8991 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  2. Mr. Shivnath Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 89915 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  3. Mr. Amrendra Chaudhary Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 89910 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  4. Mr. Chauhan Parvin Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 89912 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  5. Mr. Anil Sanoj Verma Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 98810 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  6. Mr. Gaurav Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 0150 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  7. Ms. Senorita Mishra Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 2244 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  8. Ms. Bhomi Devi Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 1122 Winning Date 20 September 2022
  9. Ms. Lalita Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakhs lottery number 8991 Winning Date 20 September 2022

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